Play Way Method

This mode of teaching is a complete change from the monotonous school routine. At Jack and Jill The Foundation School children follow a daily routine of activities designed to build specific skills. A child learns while playing through puzzles, shapes, blocks etc-Through these play activities, children grow up making their own decisions and discoveries.
Momentum is high and each day is full of excitement and creativity, but no one day is ever the same.


Motor Skill Development

Before a child learns to write or paint, the coordination of ages is essential.This can be done by size grading, stringing of beads, colour matching etc. so in this way ,writing and drawing becomes a play for Jack And Jill children.



Special care is taken to improve and teach the correct pronunciation of words Phonetics, blends (for K.G-1, K.G-11 and Standard 1) are stressed upon and taugh using audio visual aids, flash cards etc.


Project Work to Create Awareness

The children work on small projects which includes craft, handwork, making things out of waste materiat etc. This will make the children of Jack and Jill creative.


Easel Painting

Chubby pencil crayons etc, will encourage their creativity and observation.


Technology @ Jack & Jill

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