I always knew that teaching was going to be my life for it was something that I loved doing. I stepped into this profession 17 years back, and my journey, over these years has been of passion, commitment, wonder dedication and a deep contentment. In my many years as a principal. I have learnt to go with the flow, I have learnt that to reach the minds of children I have to be interested in the things they like and to view things from their perspective, and being passionate about my subject is not enough. I have to show the children that I genuinely care about them.

With my experience, I have realized how important it is to teach them that there is a world beyond marks and career. It is vital to teach them courtesy, discipline, kindness and compassion.

The journey seemed difficult and every hill seemed higher to climb. I suppose the thing that pulled me through was thought of the reward in shape of smart, confident youngsters.

There is a inherent nobility in this profession, I can make a difference in someone's life by recognizing talent, encouraging the introverted child to step into the sunshine, lending a sympathetic ear, and mostof all by loving them.

"Moving on to the greener pastures!
Rest not till you reach the stars....."


Best wishes,

The Director

Neeti Bhushan

The Jack & Jill School,

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