Dining Room

Tiffin time is fun! Jack and Jill children learn to eat in an attractive atmosphere in a proper way. Children who do not normally eat at home start eating with their friends .thus eating in peer group not only improves child's nutrition but also teaches good food habits and table manners. The Tiffins have to come from home because no one can cook food with love and care better than a mother does.



The demand of today's time is that the children should be computer savvy .Keeping the syllabus in mind computer education is imparted in a fully equipped computer lab. Jack and Jill believe in marching ahead of times and we want to give our students that very platform. A computer is a friend for life is what we imbibe in.


Music & Dance

Music and dance are also essential to studies as any other language.It is a means of education that all enjoy and understand. It freshens up the tired minds. The Jack and Jill children learn group singing and dancing.



"Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body", is what we at Jack and Jill profess. Yoga classes are conducted under professional guidance.


Technology @ Jack & Jill

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