Play School

Play School is the best place to gain the basic learning of life. The chief advantage of playschool is that it helps the child to overcome the separation and anxiety from his /her parents. The child adjusts himself/herself to spending some hours in the school. The activities in playschool help to develop the muscle co-ordination, gross motor skills, cognitive skills and communicative skills of the children.



The transformation from Play School to Nursery is very smooth and subtle. Having learnt gross motor skills they now learn fine motor skills. The children are emotionally and mentally ready to face a new class with different modules and different levels of activities. The whole child curriculum commences from Nursery, encouraging all round development, early academics, thinking skills, listening and comprehending skills and a whole gamut of personal, social and emotional development.



At Kindergarten, self-concept, motor skills, communication and mathematical skills and social skills are polished. Interactive books, spark interest in reading, vocabulary is enhanced at an exponential rate. Analytical skills, concept clarity are enhanced through multimedia slide show presentation


Class - I

In standard I, the child is out of the cocoon and is now raring to go. Learning is at an exponential rate. Emphasis is laid upon the basics of the curriculum. Language skills, reading, writing and listening, comprehending and speaking, problem solving and scientific interpretation are stressed upon,

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