The internet and the computer is today heralded as harbingers of education for all. Like the radio and the television once upon a time. Usually at the school level the learning is greatlyfacilitated bythe presence of the right teacher.

In this article I look at the internet and the ICT as tools for empowering teachers in order that they may enhance the likelihood of positively impacting a large number of children. First as teacher we need a good experimental knowledge of current technology purely to understand why they have such a strong hold on children's mind today? ,

we all know from personal experience that every good teaeher is a life long learner one can try and teach computer science basics by demanding a lab full or computer, or one can look around in the internet and find out that the efforts by an online group. Called Computer Science unplugged ( to find material like the teacher needs to be an avid user of this technology.

Let us learn to use our phones to listen to music, get a facebook account to really find out what is fascinating about it and if we can twitter and follow a few twittering birds we will get a sense of this Mass Madness. Kids look at you and whisper he/she is cool he has 120 followers on twitter such familiarity and felicity with technology helps us to gain benefits of teachlng to empower us a teacher.

So what are we waiting for? Let us become rapid texter, facebooker, twitter, web browsing technology exponents who harness all of these technologies to enhance our teaching.

Being Technosavvy aids an educationists to be in tune with the wavelength of youngsters. The younger one will be more receptive to the approach because he/she knows that there is someone who has the wisdom of age and experience and awareness of changing modernized youth.


Best wishes,

The Director

Mr. Jagdish Bhushan

The Jack & Jill School,

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